Stick To Reading

Through the Cincinnati Cyclones' Stick To Reading program, the Cyclones support and assist teachers' educational efforts in the classroom. Our goal is not only to challenge students' reading abilities, but also to help them achieve their personal reading goals. 

The Cyclones' Stick To Reading program motivates children to feel excited about reading. 

By providing program incentives, we hope to propel children to a higher reading level while encouraging them to take responsibility for their reading. Students use a scorecard to track their minutes read and have it initialed by an adult. All types of reading are encouraged. Independent reading or to another person from sources such as books, magazines, and newspapers qualify for the program. 

The program is for grades K-6 has two sessions:

  • February 1st through May 31st, 2021
  • June 1st through August 31st, 2021

After the session ends, or when you reach your reading goal, mail or drop off your reading log and Voucher Redemption form to Heritage Bank Center to receive your prize!

Students who read over 800 minutes receive one (1) voucher good for the Cincinnati Cyclones First Face-Off* in October of 2021.

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