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How to Play

  • 1. Download & Sign Up

    Want to earn gift cards, free tickets, and exclusive items for doing what you already do every day? Download the Cyclones mobile app and register for the Cyclones Rewards program to earn points redeemable for prizes from the Cincinnati Cyclones and our partners!

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  • 2. Participate & Earn Everyday

    Earn points every day by attending games, sharing games on social media, and getting the word out about our Cincinnati Cyclones. You already attend the post-game parties and coaches shows, so get rewarded for it!

  • 3. Win & Shop Today!

    Redeem your points for exclusive items and gift cards from the Cincinnati Cyclones and our partners!

More Than Just A Game

Download the Cyclones app & join Cyclones Rewards to get exclusive access, earn points, & win prizes!

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